Amphibian Eggs In Pennsylvania

movetothecountry woodfrog eggs


Woodfrog eggs.  In general frog eggs are individual eggs that are stuck together and salamander eggs are individual eggs incased in a larger volume of jelly.  In both cases, the eggs are laid in the water and then grow several sizes larger as the jelly fills with water much like a sponge.


movetothecountry spermatophore

Salamander spermatophores.  I’m not sure, but I think they might be those of the spotted salamander.  These white masses were present in February!

Frog blog salamander and eggs

This is the aquatic version of the terrestrial red spotted newt that’s shown in the featured image of this blog.

frog egg blog salamander eggs

Salamander eggs.  Possibly those of the yellow spotted salamander. Occasionally the masses are opaque like this one, though no one seems to know why.

SFrog blog close up salamander eggs?

Another salamander egg mass attached to an branch underwater.
Frog blog salamander eggs 1

And another.


Frog blog three kinds of eggs

Three egg masses.  Lower left I believe is the red spotted newt, at 11 o’clock I think the mass is the yellow spotted salamander, and on the lower right the wood frog.


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